Photography Course

Working Both Sides of the Camera

With Mélanie Crête

Most of us don’t like to be photographed, but what if you knew some pro tricks that would have you looking your personal best in multiple types of media?

Ki Explore and Mélanie Crête from Blanches Bulles Photographie have created an exclusive course that will cover the basics of phone photography with posing do’s / don’ts,  lighting,  selfies,  video meetings and lifestyle photos for social media.  We’ll also give you a top model experience because,  yes, we all have it in us! Your photography experience includes a 2 hr course, a networking session for professional women, refreshments and a donation to the Maison d’hébergement Anjou for women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence.

Location: Montreal


Mélanie Crête

Photographer and Owner Blanches Bulles Photographie

Everyone has a story to tell. After many years in the corporate world, Mélanie made the decision to pursue her passion and dedicate herself full-time to photography. She created Blanches Bulles and now her mission is to help people tell their stories through photos.

Mélanie tailors each session to her clients’ needs so that they feel comfortable and confident. She loves capturing the best in people through authentic photos, whether they are professional, wedding, family or boudoir.  Now she also shares her love of photography through teaching.

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Paule Marchand

Consultant and Instructor, Business Development

— As President of Satellite Business Strategies, I have experienced both sides of the clientservice coin in the professional and financial services sectors in both Canada and Hong Kong.

Since 1997, I have been developing and leading training sessions to help professionals establish privileged and long-lasting business relationships with their clients. To date, I have trained more than 23,000 professionals and given numerous conferences on Business Development in Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States. I also coach clients to help them develop long lasting business relationships.

I LOVE travelling and meeting people from around the world. Before I started mt career in business I worked as a G.O. for Club Med.