Interior Decor

With Caroline Simon

Interior decor can be exciting, but sometimes there’s that one area of our home that we need a little help with.

Ki Explore and Soi par Caroline Simon, have created an exclusive course that will cover the basics of design.  Caroline will discuss inspiration, personal styles, colour, texture, light, odour, balance etc. so that you can develop your own designs with a little help from an expert and your fellow design aficionados.  You’ll workshop a case study from your own home as well as bedrooms in a women’s shelter.  Together we’ll redecorate the shelter rooms with sponsors who will help us bring your designs to life for the women and children seeking refuge from domestic violence.

Your design experience includes a 2.5hr course, a networking event for professional women, refreshments and a donation to the women’s shelter.



Location: Montreal


Caroline Simon

Interior Designer and Art Director

After spending many years in corporate design and art directing for decor magazines, Caroline founded Soi par Caroline Simon.  Soi is a concept that is close to her heart.  She understands that your living space is about you, not the signature designs of someone else. Now her passion is to listen to what you want and bring your dream designs to life.

Your home decor impacts how you feel. Caroline approaches every project with passion, authenticity, warmth and has great respect for the ideas of others. She will capture your vision and draw inspiration from everyday life, the people around her, from travelling and emerging international trends.

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Paule Marchand

Consultant and Instructor, Business Development

— As President of Satellite Business Strategies, I have experienced both sides of the clientservice coin in the professional and financial services sectors in both Canada and Hong Kong.

Since 1997, I have been developing and leading training sessions to help professionals establish privileged and long-lasting business relationships with their clients. To date, I have trained more than 23,000 professionals and given numerous conferences on Business Development in Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States. I also coach clients to help them develop long lasting business relationships.

I LOVE travelling and meeting people from around the world. Before I started mt career in business I worked as a G.O. for Club Med.