A Taste of Life Balance in Lisbon


Sometimes we need to escape our daily routine in order to reset.  Ki Explore has partnered with Tarina Wagschal, a professional coach specialized in life balance,  and a team of passionate chefs, wine makers and experts in Lisbon.  Together we’ve created a unique experience for women to resource and connect with others who deserve a break as much as they do.

Your Lisbon experience includes 4 nights in a boutique hotel, fabulous meals, tours, access to special guests, and structured but informal workshops on life balance. Each trip will have a maximum of 10 people who share personal and professional experiences, while discovering the splendours of Portugal.

Location: Lisbon
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Tarina Wagschal

Author and Professional Coach

Tarina is the #1 international bestselling author of, The Deliberate Effect, as well as award-winning co-author of More Life, Please! with Dr. Christian Marcolli. Tarina held managerial and strategic leadership positions at a global pharmaceutical company for many years, heading the organizational development function as well as various teams in training, leadership development, work-life integration and diversity.  She is the president of Tarina W and LifeWorks Solutions, and has worked with CEOs in top Fortune 500 companies to stay-at-home parents.


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Paule Marchand

Consultant and Instructor, Business Development

— As President of Satellite Business Strategies, I have experienced both sides of the clientservice coin in the professional and financial services sectors in both Canada and Hong Kong.

Since 1997, I have been developing and leading training sessions to help professionals establish privileged and long-lasting business relationships with their clients. To date, I have trained more than 23,000 professionals and given numerous conferences on Business Development in Canada, Europe, Asia and the United States. I also coach clients to help them develop long lasting business relationships.

I LOVE travelling and meeting people from around the world. Before I started mt career in business I worked as a G.O. for Club Med.